Who we are

Artisan bakers with a passion for quality and taste.

Paolo's Bakery is an innovative local bakery committed to producing high quality, great tasting artisan breads and rolls.

We produce handcrafted, 100% natural sourdough products. No baker’s yeast is used in any of our original Sourdough breads and we only use sustainably sourced flour. The slow fermentation and unhurried ripening of our dough results in our breads having an exceptional texture and unique sour taste.

Paolo's began in 2005 when Paul Triglau identified a gap in the bread market. Artisan breads were beginning to gain popularity and there was a shift in the market towards traditional bread baking methods, bread making and sustainably sourced ingredients. Our sour is over 20 years old, we use only 100% sustainably sourced flours and wherever possible from within South Australia and they are 100% yeast free.

Paul is a qualified baker and trade teacher with over 15 years’ experience. His passion is sourdoughs and high-end quality baked goods. He recently represented Australia in Italy in the World Baking and Pastry Cup and also has close networks within the industry both locally and internationally. He has worked overseas and draws inspiration from contemporary European trends.

What we do

Make 100% sustainably sourced naturally handcrafted breads.

The art of leavening bread by natural sourdough has been practiced for thousands of years.

Our early ancestors learned that by skillful and patient fermentation of flour, thriving cultures of micro-organisms could be induced to make dough rise. These 'sour' cultures could be used year after year to make bread that was not only unique in texture, due to the natural yeast, but delicious as well.

Paolo's 'sour culture' remains at the heart of our business and is fed twice each day with sustainably sourced flour and filtered water which gives our bread such a wonderful flavour and texture.

With careful mixing, processing and a great deal of care and attention, our doughs are rested for 24 hours to enhance the sourdough development, creating bread with delicious taste, excellent keeping qualities and higher nutritional value. The application of ancient and traditional methods of bread making give the bread the characteristic 'blisters' on the crust which are distinctive to true sourdough loaves.

Paolo's is also proud of its commitment to sustainable business practices and commitment to food safety - we are certified to the rigorous FSSC22000 food safety standard.

With the growing demand for our products, we have sourced and incorporated modern equipment specifically designed for artisan bread making. This, together with our adherence to time honoured baking practices and strict policy of employing skilled bakers, which we then train to meet our high standards, has enabled the business to grow without compromising the unique flavour and character of our products.

Sourdough tends to have a more appealing flavour, texture and aroma as the acids produced by the lactobacilli in the sour also provide the loaf with superior keeping qualities.

As well as the improved taste and aroma, there are also numerous health benefits derived from eating organic sourdough's, such as: -

Sourdough is easier to digest and allows better absorption of nutrients.

Sourdough contains beneficial bacteria including lactic and acetic acids, which help maintain a healthy micro flora balance in the stomach.

Sourdough is much gentler on the stomach than commercial baker's yeast, which can cause a culture imbalance in the stomach.

Commercial baker's yeast is also thought to exacerbate yeast infections in women.

Applauding our Origins

The strength and quality of our sourdough depends on many factors, primarily the skill, care, and knowledge of our bakers, combined with the essential ingredients of time (over 20 years for natural sourdough Levin) and the flour we use.

Paolo's Artisan Bakery have long recognised the importance of getting back to a more natural method of bread baking, relying on the slow fermentation of doughs and hand shaped breads and since its inception, focusing and supporting industry best practice has and will continue to be one of the core values of our business.

In line with these values, the increasing awareness of the production processes behind the food we eat, required us to consider the impact of our food choices.

As a result, Paolo’s has made the decision to use sustainable flour from another iconic South Australian family business, Laucke Milling. Laucke Flour Millers, a family business that has been in operation for over 100 years, have epitomised the strengths of taking a long-term view of life and enabled our bakers to use grains sourced directly from the specific farms in the Mallee region for the flour we use. This sustainable flour is traceable, sustainably grown and is guaranteed to be locally sourced, considering factors beyond simple production inputs.

An important part of responsible consumption is knowing how the practices, philosophies and outcomes of organic and sustainable farming differ.

Sustainable: Holistic Approach

Sustainable farming strives to meet society’s’ needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. It places emphasis on efficiency and balance in farming techniques, while also considering social equity and the surrounding environment. Organic farming concentrates more simply on farming inputs with less focus on other additional environmental and social farming practices.

Sustaining Biodiversity and Soil Management

Sustainable farming principles focus on the need for biodiversity conservation on farms. Regular audits ensure crops are rotated in order to build more resilient crops and encourage a more diverse range of nutrients in the soil.

Audited Food Safety, Traceability, Verification and Process Control

The Laucke standard introduces hazard and treatment assessment and controls at all identified critical process points from farm to baker, starting with soil management and only finishing with the delivery of flour to the baker.

Sustainable production standards closely control the treatments used through a documented and audited processes that are measured to ensure that they meet or are below the minimum limits.

Through Laucke Flour Mills there is a close association with the farmers growing sustainable wheat. The processes utilised to achieve the Certified Safe standard eliminate any un-necessary use of treatments and keep their use to a minimum.

Farming Prosperity through Sustainability
The implementation of certified sustainable food practices such as those of Laucke Milling supports farmers in maintaining a level of efficiency that ensures their long-term viability and, in this respect, sustainable food also supports and enhances rural communities.

Sourcing Locally to Minimise Fossil Fuel use
Focusing on certifying that our grains are sourced locally helps minimise the use of fossil fuels and reduce emissions, whereas organic wheat, due to its scarcity can be shipped from all over Australia and on occasion purchased from overseas.

Efficient use of Water
Food and agriculture are the world’s largest water users, with up to 70% of groundwater and river water going into irrigation. Water consumption is an important element of sustainable farming that is not audited as part of controlled organic farming approach.

Water conservation through efficient and controlled use of water is an important part of sustainable farming.

Certified and Sustainable
While it should be made clear that some organic farmers may be focused on elements of sustainable farming, giving consumers better insight into their purchases allows them to make choices that are appropriate and aligned to their personal values.

Through sourcing food that is traceable, sustainable and certified to the highest food standards, Paolo’s Artisan Bakery can contribute to an environmentally, economically and socially strong future.

This is just the first step on our journey towards more sustainable artisan bread making, with our focus now turning to other areas like our packaging and bread tags.

Your support as a valued customer has always pushed us to make high quality, great tasting artisan breads and rolls. This commitment remains unchanged, our responsibility to make this sustainable is more important than ever.